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AWS data set naming

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I am trying to pre process data and since i am inexperienced i am hitting dead ends

I have a bucket named, region figured out, but now it is giving me the error:

enter codcovid-19-testing-data-master % ./ -s covid-data-7438djk2 -d "COVID19_DMPROJ" -r us-east-1
updating: .DS_Store (deflated 93%)
updating: __pycache__/ (stored 0%)
updating: __pycache__/source_data.cpython-310.pyc (deflated 38%)
uploading to s3
upload: pre-processing/pre-processing-code/ to s3://covid-data-7438djk2/COVID19_DATAPROJ/automation/
creating dataset on ADX

An error occurred (ValidationException) when calling the CreateDataSet operation: The following parameter(s) are not valid: "Name" is not allowed to be empty.e here

here is the code for the script in question

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