So I have recently been fascinated by bookmarks that play audio, and I was originally using base64 ... which was a horrible idea. I'm now trying to create a bookmarklet without the use of... well... Base64. I think did pretty well but it does have some problems... (or in other words, no audio was played) I don't know why it's not working, nor do I have a guess as to why it's not. So that's basically what I'm trying to ask, why isn't this working?

javascript:(function(w,i){w[i]=w[i]||Object.assign(new Audio,{src:"LINK_GOES_HERE",onended:function(e){u(e.currentTarget)}});var a=w[i];a.paused?;function u(b){b.pause();b.currentTime=0}})(window.audiobookmarklet=window.audiobookmarklet||{},"5ilthrc")

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