I am trying to assign a user as an administrator to a project and change the owner too via rest api in Azure DevOps. Could anyone of you point me to some documentation as how it can be done? I have looked at UserEntitlements API and Project API - but I haven't figured how I can use them for my issue. Any directions on this would be helpful.


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Leo Liu-MSFT On Best Solutions

Assign User as an Administrator to a project once it is created using rest api - Azure DevOps

Just as you know in your previous post, we could also use the API User Entitlements - Update User Entitlement to assign a user as an administrator to a project:

The Request body as following:



Then I could add a user to a specific project (I am using postman):

enter image description here

As result, the status is 200 OK and the use is added to the project.

You can try the Request body I posted above (Replace the to your specify project ID) and groupType is used to set different permissions:

enter image description here

Besides, you said you want change the owner too, do you mean change organization owner via api? If yes, I am afraid there is no such API for update the organization owner, we could only list the owner.

Hope this helps.