I am creating a web app in which I have a page with questions and answers, the page may have 4 buttons

1 Next:

2 Prev:

3 Submit:

4 Cance:

Next button redirect more questions on the page for ex:

if a user answers 1 to 8 questions and press next, question 9 to 16 will redirect and data of 1 to 8 will be stored in a server side List<model> session and prev button functionality will be opposite of next button,

submit will save all data in db, and cancel will delete data from session

now the problem is, if user open the page and copy url and open same page in new tab, answer all the question in both page press next and again answer all the question,

click cancel on any page and submit on another, the data is not storing for page one in database as when user click cancel session has been re initialized

SessionManager.RegFormResponseList = new List<IRegFormResponse>();

so, I come up with a solution to use multiple session in multiple tabs, is it possible, if yes then how?

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