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The iOS 12 application now allows us to create an ARReferenceObject, and using it, can reliably recognize a position and orientation of real-world object. We can also save the finished .arobject file.

enter image description here


ARReferenceObject contains only the spatial features information needed for ARKit to recognize the real-world object, and is not a displayable 3D reconstruction of that object.

sceneView.session.createReferenceObject(transform: simd_float4x4, 
                                           center: simd_float3, 
                                           extent: simd_float3) { 
   (ARReferenceObject?, Error?) in
        // code

func export(to url: URL, previewImage: UIImage?) throws { }

Is there a method that allows us to reconstruct digital 3D geometry (low-poly or high-poly) from .arobject file using Poisson Surface Reconstruction or Photogrammetry?

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