Lazy loading is used in angular6 (same as 2~7) The generated js package will contain lazy loading js files Now these js files are all on a different server Index. HTML introduces only js files that are not lazily loaded When the page is running and the lazy loading module is running, a lazy loading js file will be requested to load the module At this time, the lazy loading file address of the console is the address of the current domain name 404 not found because js file is not under the current domain name Where can I configure the js address of the request lazy load file?

See the error message to show that lazy loading js is executed in runtime.js It is certainly possible to manually modify the path of the runtime.js file to include lazy loading But this is obviously not appropriate, compressed code changes are not appropriate. So I would like to ask where I can configure the path of lazy loading file instead of the default domain name request lazy loading js file

All sorts of the search did not find the answer, expect which big god can help me solve next

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