Since Inbox is gone (same sadness when they chose to discontinue the almighty Nexus Player), I desperately need a nice replacement app.

It needs a few things Inbox had:

  • To be available on both Android and as a Web app (or a Windows desktop app, worst case scenario),
  • Attachments previews in both inbox and email details,
  • Grouped conversations,
  • Cancel sending email

It also needs some things Gmail had but that Inbox didn't:

  • Unread messages first
  • Groups of recipients -_-

Of course, it also needs a bunch of cool features, such as:

  • Two factor auth
  • Code locking (on Android, after a few minutes of inactivity)
  • Read receipt
  • Multiple accounts
  • Sync with Google Calendar
  • Sync with Google Contacts
  • And so on

So far, I found two clients: Newton Mail (50USD / year) and BlueMail (free? but only for smartphones)

Both disappoint me anyway, because they lack attachment previews and it is one of the most important features for me.

I tried a few searches before asking...

I also found a promising Windows desktop app (not what I would prefer, but I do understand the reasons for choosing to make a desktop app rather than a web app). It is called MailBird. It even has Whatsapp integration, which is nice! However, it lacks an Android app, unfortunately...

So if anyone has an advice for a good/better Inbox replacement like MailBird but for both Android and Windows, I'm all ears! :)

I don't mind paying for it, if it is worth it. But Gmail is crp, I miss Inbox so much... (well, Gmail is not crp per se, but it lacks incredibly useful features that Inbox had, it's a shame they didn't port them back to Gmail).

Thanks in advance!


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