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I want to display something like a RecyclerView but the size is dynamically changing depending on how many items there are in the list. Each item is shown within the item's View. There shouldn't need to be any scrolling in the view as the list view's height is set to the total height of how many item views there are.

Currently, I am using a RecyclerView with the setHasFixedSize = false as you can see in this snippet:

recyclerview.apply {
            layoutManager = LinearLayoutManager(rootView.context)
            adapter = PlanAdapter(dateItem.planItems)

which doesn't show any item after the first one. Here's an example screen where I've implemented it:

enter image description here

the blue highlights show that those items are there in the local storage, but is not shown by the dynamic RecyclerView that I made. There is a better option than creating a whole RecyclerView for this, though, right?

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