Akka-http vs Akka-Remoting

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I am new to the Akka world and want to learn what is the difference between Akka-Remoting and Akka-HTTP. Is one better than the other in terms of security or maintenance? What are the things that should be considered when implementing one of them?

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Akka-Http and Akka-Remoting are two separate parts of the Akka project, and are there to answer very different needs.

Akka-Http provides a way to add HTTP endpoints to a project (server) or to have your application call HTTP endpoints on other servers (client). It supports non-blocking I/O and a streaming "reactive" style just like the rest of Akka.

Akka-Remoting is a part of the Akka project that allows you to run a sub-tree of actors on another process or machine, without the code having to know about the topology. They call this Location Transparency. This used to be the mechanism that provided some sort of clustering support in the past, but has since then been succeeded by Akka's clustering feature - Akka Cluster.