Apple has mentioned Here "After the 30 day testing period has ended for TestFlight Beta , the build status changes to Expired"

can anyone please tell me what does this means?

  1. Whether TestFlight Beta is not available for new testers to install the app

  2. Or when the testing period end, Testers that already have builds installed will not be affected

As my test beta app is expired.. So can my testers test the app (already installed in their devices) will launch in app for testing or should I upload a new build. enter image description here

I have referred even this Link but no help.

Any help is appreciated

Thank you

Found the solution HERE:

This is a general limitation when using TestFlight. Apple probably wants to prevent that Testflight can be used to distribution Apps to users outside of the AppStore, so they enforce a strict expiry policy. The App runs for 30 days and will then stop working. You can update your beta within this 30 day period, so beta testers can update and then get again 30 days. The 30 days limit is documented by Apple and also the TestFlight App will tell the user about this limit. If you think this is not enough, you should tell your beta testers about it as well.

The alternative would be to go the "old way" by distributing your App via iTunes with AdHoc provisioning profiles. This way you need to register the UDIDs for each device yourself, you are limited to 100 devices in total, but the beta will run until the provisioning profile expires (AFAIK these profiles needs to be renewed every year).

2 Answers

Michael Dautermann On Best Solutions

Your TestFlight app users should not be able to launch the app 90 days after you release it due to provisioning limitations.

If you want your test versions to last beyond 90 days, you can use good old fashioned ADHOC builds (but you'll be limited to 100 users versus the 1,000 you can use via TestFlight).

Karl Nosworthy On

If you have a tag/access to the code of the build that has expired, a simple bump of the version number and a reissue to iTunes Connect makes the build immediately available for another 60 days.

I had this problem this morning but needed to keep the groups and try to get a build out as cleanly as possible and so that worked a treat.