I have page like Тindеr. and before give like or dislike I view the profile. and then at the second profile I need 2 clicks instead 1 for go to next profile. and if view second pofile, for 3 I need 3 clicks. what a hell going on?

coding part:

need disable swiping page to scroll bottom to view profile. I haven't better idea then clone and remove origin object to do it. $("#tinderslide").clone().appendTo($("#tinderslide").parent()); $("#tinderslide").filter( ':first' ).remove(); then I inicializate it $("#tinderslide") again.

But here paradox, when just open and close pofile (do 1 and 2 steps) no problems, when just swiping from one to another - no problem. +1 cllick for every card begun, then open profile in each caкв and go to another.

Where are the problem?

https://lucky-devil.ru/burzh/1/ I tryid to destroy function? but can't becouse prototype unbrakeble

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