I was using the "Cordova AdMob plugin" in my app built with HTML & CSS + vanilla JS + jQuery. Then some months ago (about august 2018) it stop working. I haven't been able to compile the app since then. If I remove the plugin the app compiles well. I've been searching for other ways to do put admob in my app. I have tried several plugins but they don't work anymore. Every time I look for a tutorial or something I got some related to Ionic, React native and other JS frameworks which I don't know and which would take me long to learn and to adapt my app only to being able to put the admob plugin.

Those anybody knows how to put admob without any of those frameworks?, just pure JS like I was able to do it before August 2018. What happened since then?, did something changed from AdMob side since then?

This is the most popular admob plugin for phonegap: https://www.npmjs.com/package/cordova-admob Most of the tutorials talks about it but they are old tutorials, it is actually the plugin I was using too, but since then I've been trying other plugins and any of them work either.

Could anybody help please?

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