Using: TypeScript, Prisma, MySQL, GraphQLServer, ApolloClient, building schema this way:

const schema = makePrismaSchema({
  // Provide all the GraphQL types we've implemented
  types: [Query, Mutation, User, Post],...

And then:

  const server = new GraphQLServer({
    context: { prisma }

How to combine that with custom resolvers and types unrelated to the SQL?

(I would like to call some REST endpoint by the GQL as well)

1 Answers

Daniel Rearden On Best Solutions

While nexus was created to be used alongside prisma, it's really just a schema builder. You could easily use it to create a schema without even utilizing Prisma. For example:

export const User = prismaObjectType({
  name: 'User',
  definition(t) {
    t.list.field('comments', {
      type: 'Comment',
      resolve(root, args, ctx) {
        return getComments();

export const Comment = prismaObjectType({
  name: 'Comment',
  definition(t) {

Here getComments can return an array of comment objects, or a Promise that resolves to one. For example, if you're calling some other API, you'll normally return a Promise with the results of the call. As shown above, the resolver exposes the parent value, the field's arguments and a context object -- you can use any of this information in determining how to resolve a particular field.