In the last days I've managed to get working the client in a Windows nanoserver container mounting the Docker's host pipe as a volume like in the example below:

docker container run -itd --user ContainerAdministrator -v 
\\.\pipe\docker_engine:\\.\pipe\docker_engine mycustomimage

However I've seen that to get things working I've also need to specify --user ContainerAdministrator otherwise standard ContainerUser user is used, and this not being part of the Administrators group the client will throw a "Access denied" type error when trying to access to the Docker Pipe.

The question is if there are ways/configurations on host or container to overcome this behaviour using non-admin users specially in nanoserver images, when powershell is not available and you are forced to use the standard cmd?

P.S. I use Windows Server 2019 without Hyper-V as host and Docker ee 18.09

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